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        Welcome to the official website of Fashion!


        Beautiful, fashion life from the beginning of fxunshi


        Corporate vision: to become the world's small household electrical appliance brand operators
        Long term goal: to create a global professional small household electrical appliances brand
        Short term goal: to create a professional brand of small household electrical appliances in China
        Our goal: the pursuit of perfection, to do good, to the international first-class modern enterprise, create a strong brand can stand on the top of the world, to promote the power of science and technology
        The quality of life, with a sincere dedication to the community
        Our mission: to advocate a healthy lifestyle, is committed to the continuous innovation of products and services, to create a healthy, convenient and high quality fashion life for our customers.

        Enterprise spirit: hard work, harmony, development, innovation
        Enterprise values: dedicated responsibility, respect for trust, integrity code, collaborative sharing
        The president said: together with the development of working life electrical Huashen people. We are full of wisdom, strong faith, full of passion. We face the challenges, the courage to innovate, the pursuit of excellence
        The more, with sweat out of the extraordinary performance, in return for the vast number of consumers, investors and the entire community to give trust and support. We are united, selfless and fearless, brave
        Straight ahead, many of the beautiful ideal into reality and possible.
        We are the soul is Huashen electrical appliances, Huashen create brilliant source, is considered one of the core competitiveness of Huashen electric ho. Huashen electric appliance with a broad mind to accommodate 100
        Sichuan, the Huashen people gather together, burst out the incomparable strength. Huashen potential very influential, invincible!
        Let us look forward to the age of empires, Huashen electric!!!

        Marketing concept: all-round breakthrough, multi regional management, create a good brand, enjoy the process of the development of global reputation of enterprise, essence is through interior modulation, adapt to the changing process of the objective situation, one is not sensitive to the changing situation of enterprises, in addition to traditional sales channels, but also the breakthrough space and geographical constraints and the establishment of a multi-level, three-dimensional marketing, export linkage, network marketing, group purchase, cross regional sales company. To continue to activate the body, to prevent the organization of rigid and backward, adhere to a full range of breakthroughs, multi regional business approach, to create a good brand, enjoy the global reputation. Constantly deny themselves, improve themselves, the pursuit of the perfect challenge, step by step, sustainable development, and constantly promote the growth and upgrading of customer value.

        Business style: fine, strict, fine, real, good, fast
        Service concept: customer first, dedicated to make you rest assured, enjoyable, heart
        Quality policy & product safety policy
        Compliance with compliance, and continued to provide customers with safe, healthy and satisfactory products.
        Obey the law: comply with the laws and regulations, legal production and operation
        Standards: products meet the standards and regulations of the sales (safety, EMC, energy efficiency, radiation, Rohs, etc.)
        The safety: the product safety in the first place, to ensure customer safety, is the most important social responsibility of the enterprises
        Health: the customer must be assured, there is no leakage of poisonous and harmful substances or harm the mutation satisfied: product characteristics should be in addition to, but also to meet individual customer requirements, including customer service, service quality benchmark for quality first is the mission, and do:
        1, design to avoid bad
        2, poor management control
        3, to eliminate bad
        Quality Assurance
        The company is independent of the quality assurance department of the manufacturing department, using the "preventive" and "check" of each link to carry on the quality control. The quality control of the production process is strictly in order, every batch of IQC inspection when the parts are in the factory. The perfect quality management system and good quality awareness of employees, effectively ensure the quality of the company's advantages, products out of the box pass rate of more than 99.9%, and through ISO9001 international quality system certification.
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